Tree Removal

Due to age, disease or weather damage, you may need to have a tree removed. The team at Tiny Town Timber & Tree Service will rid your landscape of any unwanted trees with minimal impact on your yard. We specialize in the removals of dangerous or hazardous trees before they can do further damage to your property.

If a storm has left your tree weak or created a potential falling hazard, we’re here to help. We also handle stump grinding when necessary. Contact Tiny Town Tree Service in the Penn Valley, Grass Valley, Nevada City and surrounding areas today to schedule tree removal at your property.

Tree Pruning

The benefits of tree trimming / pruning go a long way. It helps to improve growth, promote better health, enhance beauty and aesthetics, reduce wind resistance, increase fruit production and overall make the tree safer by reducing the risk of failure. We also want to trim trees to provide adequate clearance to nearby structures and areas of access and to provide for better visual clearance and light filtration. We specialize in non-invasive climbing as to not harm the trees.

Power Line Vegetation Clearing

If you are looking for safe, affordable utility line clearing and vegetation management, look no further. Our tree care employees never stop training on the latest safety standards and newest line clearance equipment. When pruning trees around power lines, Tiny Town's arborists possess the skills, training, and expertise necessary to get the job done right while safeguarding both life and property. In addition to trimming and pruning branches away from power lines, we can conduct hazardous tree assessment on your commercial or residential property to determine if any trees pose a future risk, and intervene accordingly.